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Mobile Semiconductor的22nm ULL内存编译器加入GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator合作伙伴计划

Mobile Semiconductor's 22nm ULL Memory compiler Joins the GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator Partner program

April 26, 2018 -- Mobile Semiconductor, a Seattle WA based company, today announced the inclusion of its new 22nm ULL (Ultra Low Leakage) memory compilers in the industry leading GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXceleratorTM Program. This new embedded SRAM technology on 22nm FDX offers the best in class memory solution using the GLOBALFOUNDRIES low leakage FDSOI bit cells and ultra-low leakage devices.

Cameron Fisher, CEO and Founder of Mobile Semiconductor, said, “This is a very important technology for low cost industrial and consumer products. Our customers come from a wide range of markets, but one thing they share in common is the need to drive the power usage down to allow maximum battery life.”

This new compiler, equipped with multiple speed grades, allows the customer to maximize performance of their end product balancing power vs speed. These low leakage memories make intelligent use of the reverse body bias capabilities of the FDSOI technology to control leakage and enhance performance.

Mobile Semiconductor’s 22nm ULL memory complier is unique in the industry and comes with the same high-quality design, testing, and support that customers have come to expect from their products.

Fisher said, “Mobile Semiconductor remains the leader in providing low power solutions and this complier removes the roadblocks that engineers have struggled with in their previous designs. Almost every single product developed for the IoT Market, will have new and more stringent demands placed on them. We believe that Mobile Semiconductor is meeting the most important one – power!”

GLOBALFOUNDRIES IP Cores, 22nm ULL Memory IP Cores

For more information please contact Mobile Semiconductor at info@mobile-semi.com

About Mobile Semiconductor:

Mobile Semiconductor is in Seattle, Washington with a design center in Williston, Vermont. The company develops SRAM, ROM and Register File compilers optimized for applications requiring ultra-low power, low leakage or ultra-high performance.

Mobile Semiconductor’s customers differentiate their products by using our application-optimized SRAMs to meet their high performance and ultra-low power product requirements. http://www.mobile-semiconductor.com/

Mobile Semiconductor has been in business for over 12 years. Their customers include aerospace giants, medical device manufacturers, and key semiconductor companies.

Mobile Semiconductor's 22nm ULL Memory compiler Joins the GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator Partner program







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