Atria Logic is a leading provider of HW/SW FPGA and SoC IP cores and design engineering services, specializing in applications for medical imaging, multimedia, storage and networking. In addition, we also specialize in heterogeneous computing engineering services for computer vision applications in such applications as industrial automation, video surveillance and automotive. Our IP core portfolio includes H.264 video encoders and decoders, H.264 players, DDR I/II/III and QDR IV Extreme Performance PHY and memory controllers, USB 2/3 controllers, PCIe Gen 1/2 PHYs, NVMe validation test suites, and Gb Ethernet MAC controllers. Our IP cores have been designed for ease of reuse and configurability to speed up SoC and FPGA implementations. Our design services include IP customization, SoC integration, FPGA and SoC implementations, firmware development, software porting and optimization. We are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Technology Focus: Video/Image processing Heterogeneous Processing High Power Computing Computer Vision and Video Analytics High speed memory controllers and Standard bus architectures Network Processing FPGA/ASIC/SoC design services HW/SW domain consultancy and services Business Domains Medical Imaging Video Surveillance Industrial Automation Enterprise and Datacenter Storage Broadcast Automotive Assisted Driver Assistance Systems   
4 SoCs

H.264 Low Power & Low Latency Hardware Video Decoder IP Core
A hardware-based, low power, low latency, feature-rich, H.264 (AVC) Baseline Profile video decoder IP core, targeted for mobile and non-mobile, low power devices in industrial, medical and CE applications.

H.264 UHD Hi422 Intra Video Decoder IP- very low latency
The AL-H264D-4KI422-HW is a hardware-based, feature rich, low latency, high video quality H.264 (AVC) UHD Hi422 Intra decoder IP core. The AL-H264D-4KI422-HW decoder pairs up with the Atria Logic AL-H264E-4KI422-HW low latency encoder for low latency end-to-end links.

Low latency H.264 UHD Hi422 Intra Video Encoder IP Core
The AL-H264E-4KI422-HW is a hardware-based, feature rich, low latency, high video quality H.264/AVC UHD Hi422 Intra encoder IP core. The AL-H264E-4KI422-HW encoder pairs up with the Atria Logic AL-H264D-4KI422-HW low latency decoder for low latency end-to-end links.

Low Power Arm AV Player
A compact and low power, embedded AVC (H.264) file-based AV decoder IP core, targeted for industrial and CE applications.







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