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Active mesh against tampering attacks - Active Shield
Attacks against digital circuits can be performed by directly tampering with the device s internal structure. These attacks are intrusive, and regroup attempts to directly probe or force signals, remo...

Anti Row-Hammer / Memory Attacks
The Anti Row-Hammer IP takes part in Memory Controller in order to protect the Memory against Rowhammer Attacks, especially on RAM. This IP is able to determine if the number of access requests to a M...

Boot Protection Pack / Root-of-Trust
The Boot Protection Pack is a solution provided by Secure-IC to ensure a Secure Boot function. The Boot Protection Pack provides a secure root-of-trust with a high level of resistance against malevole...

Camogates: protects against reverse-engineering
The Secure-IC s CamoGate IP has for goal to protect a circuit against reverse-engineering. Reverse engineering of an Integrated Circuit is a process which aims at identifying its structure, design and...

Circuit Camouflage Technology
Inside Secure Circuit Camouflage Technology, also known as SecureMedia Library (SML), is an anti-reverse engineering and anti-cloning protection for integrated circuits that has both Commercial and Government Applications.

Code Protection: Instilling trust into your applications
Inside Secure s Code Protection technology provides powerful automated software protection tools applicable across Mobile, IoT, Desktop and Server platforms.

Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2/2.3 embedded security modules (ESMs) for HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.x Type-C interfaces

Synopsys offers highly integrated and proven security solutions spanning silicon cores to embedded software to help content owners, service providers, network operators, embedded system OEMs and So...

Content Protection Client, Downloadable secure DRM Agent with advanced Player
Multimedia consumers expect easy and convenient access to the latest movies and TV shows wherever they are. Inside Secure enables content and service providers to securely deliver premium content to virtually any connected device the way users want it, online or offline, for use cases like video-on-demand, live and catch-up TV.

Content Protection Server
Inside Secure Content Protection Server is a fifth generation, interoperable, server-side Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. Designed for wireless and wireline operators and service providers, Content Protection Server implements and extends multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine DRM while providing common integration interfaces.

CryptoCell-300 - Platform Security Solution for Devices with Strict Power and Area Constraints
The Arm CryptoCell-300 family of embedded security solutions serves high-efficiency systems with a small footprint and low power consumption.

CryptoFirewall Cores
Providing superior security and tamper resistance, while being highly-cost effective. Our cores complement existing security implementations, and are ideal for preventing counterfeiting in a broad number of applications.

Cryptography IP solutions, Public Key Accelerators (PKAs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs)

Synopsys offers a broad portfolio of silicon-proven DesignWare® Cryptography IP solutions that includes symmetric and hash cryptographic engines, Public Key Accelerators (PKAs) and True Random ...

CryptoManager Root of Trust - CryptoManager RISC-V Root of Trust Programmable Secure Processing Core
The CryptoManager Root of Trust is a fully-programmable hardware security core that protects against a wide range of attacks with state-of-the-art anti-tamper and security techniques to offer vendors security by design.

CryptoManager Security Engine
CryptoManager Security Engine is an in-device root-of-trust offered as an embedded hardware core, or as a software agent that can be implemented as a protected element in a trusted OS or directly in the high-level device OS for the secure provisioning of keys and features throughout the device lifecycle. This provides flexible implementation options and allows the CryptoManager Infrastructure to securely communicate with the device to provision keys and manage feature configurations in the supply chain and downstream ecosystems.

CryptoManager Security Platform
From chip management to device personalization to downstream feature provisioning, the CryptoManager security platform creates a trusted path from the SoC manufacturing supply chain to downstream service providers with a complete silicon-to-cloud security solution.

CryptoManager Trusted Services Security Solutions
The Rambus CryptoManager Trusted Services support a variety of root of trust configurations via a hardware core or secure software, providing a scalable and flexible security solution. Our solutions s...

Cryptomedia Content Protection Core
Designed to cost-effectively secure the broadcast and streaming of digital content, our CryptoMedia Content Protection Core provides pay TV operators and over-the-top (OTT) media providers robust secu...

CryptoMedia Security Platform
Designed to protect high-value content, including 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) programming, CryptoMedia Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of components that enables consumers to securely and easily store, copy and share premium content across multiple devices.

Device Secure Debug
The Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) is the IEEE1149.1 Standard Test Access Port (TAP) and Boundary Scan Architecture. Giving a full access to the internal system components of the device, the TAP inter...

DPA Countermeasures
Our Cryptography Research division discovered Simple Power Analysis (SPA) and Differential Power Analysis (DPA), and developed fundamental solutions and techniques for protecting devices against DPA and related side-channel attacks, along with supporting tools, programs, and services.

DPA Resistant Cores
The DPA Resistant Hardware Cores prevent against the leakage of secret cryptographic key material through attacks when integrated into an SoC. These superior performance cores are easy to integrate into SoCs and FPGAs, providing robust side-channel resistance across different security and performance levels.

DPA Resistant Software Library
DPA Resistant Software Libraries are a portfolio of unique products that provide performance optimized, quantifiable side-channel resistant security for embedded software systems with seamless integration across a wide range of applications. Our software libraries come in two main varieties, platform neutral C-code which is designed to run on any platform and optimized code for ARM Cortex platforms, providing a wide range of device design options.

DPA Workstation Analysis Platform
Designed for leading security chip vendors, product companies, testing labs, and government organizations, the DPA Workstation analysis platform is the world’s premier side-channel analysis plat...

Fully Digital Physically Unclonable Function (PUF)
In cryptography, a key is used by ciphers to transform a plaintext into cipher text or cipher text into plaintext. The key is a sensitive information, therefore it must be generated by a true random s...

High-performance AES-GCM accelerator - optional SCA protection
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001. Galois Counter Mod...

High-performance AES-XTS accelerator - optional SCA protection
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001. It is included in ...

Inside Secure Root-of-Trust
Designed to be integrated in power constrained microcontroller or complex SoC, Inside Secure Root-of-Trust Engine is the vault that guards the chip most sensitive assets and that establishes the platform security foundations.

integrated Secure Element (iSE) for multiple applications - Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Security Enclave - Security Subsystem
As part of Secure-IC s iSSP (integrated Security Service Platform), Secure-IC is able to provide integrated Secure Elements (iSE) that can act as trust anchors that protect the security assets of a de...

Interlaken FEC (ILKN FEC)


LABORYZR introduces you a ready-to-use complete embedded systems evaluation laboratory with engineering training. Both classes of analysis are covered: Passive (Side-Channel Analysis-SCA) and Activ...

MACsec Toolkit for Ethernet Security
GUARD MACsec Toolkit enables developers to quickly add complete MACsec support in new and existing products such as switches, routers or hosts. it includes a full C source code implementation of the control plane, especially the MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) protocol, as well as the data plane.

MACsec-IP-160 - EIP-160 Single Channel flow through MACsec Engines, upto 100Gbps
The MACsec-IP-160 (EIP-160) is an IP family for accelerating MACsec up to 100 Gbps, serving single channel Ethernet designs.

Memory (SRAM, DDR, NVM) encryption solution
Memory protection against reverse engineering and tampering Protecting raw memory content from malevolent access Memory protection from the beginning it is written Available with zero latency or high...

Multi-Protocol Engines
Inside Secure Low latency MACsec engines are available to protect the data link Layer (L2) of provider and access networks, base stations, backhaul and data center communication.

New Integrity and Data Encryption (IDE) Security IP Module for PCIe 5.0

PCI Express is a ubiquitous interface for a wide variety of applications, from connecting accelerators and peripheral devices to data center servers to their use in consumer electronics. PCI Expres...

Payments and Tokenization
As an industry leader in tokenization solutions for online, mobile, card and account-based transactions, the family of Rambus Payment solutions provides comprehensive solutions for banks, financial institutions and retailers alike.

Post silicon security evaluation tool - Analyzr
ANALYZR supports common embedded systems technologies, including: FPGA, ASIC or End-Device. It allows the security assessment of any type of implementation. This could be: - A cryptographic module:...

Pre-silicon security evaluation tool - Virtualyzr
Through the VIRTUALYZR tool we present an innovative way to verify the security of the design at the pre-Silicon level. Such an early stage verification of the security can be seen as new Electronic D...

Programmable Root-of-Trust Engine
Inside Secure Programmable Root-of-Trust features a RISC-V 32-bit CPU and is delivered with its application development framework.

Rambus 3DES-ECB 1 Billion trace DPA resistant cryptographic accelerator core
Rambus Crypto Accelerator 3DES-ECB Hardware Cores offload compute intensive cryptographic algorithms in SoC’s CPU at 100x performance (when run at identical frequencies) and 10% of the power consumpti...

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