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30 "AI Accelerator" SoCs

Smart Data Acceleration
Rambus Smart Data Acceleration (SDA) research program is focused on tackling some of the major issues facing data centers and servers in the age of Big Data. The SDA Research Program has been explorin...

Tensilica AI Max - NNA 110 Single Core
Single-core neural network accelerator offering from 0.5 to 4 TOPS Optimized for machine learning inference applications

AI Accelerator IP- ENLIGHT
OPENEDGES™ Artificial Intelligence Compute Engine ENLIGHT™ is a deep learning accelerator IP technology delivers unrivaled compute density and energy efficiency. ENLIGHT™ NPU IP ...

AI accelerator platform Origin E2
An optimal performance profile for unique application requirements

AI accelerator platform Origin E6
A high-performance workhorse engine for everyday inference applications

AI accelerator platform Origin E8
A high-performance inference engine for the most demanding environments

AI Accelerator: Neural Network-specific Optimized 1 TOPS
The Expedera Origin™ E1 is a family of Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing cores individually optimized for a subset of neural networks commonly used in home appliances, edge nodes, and other smal...


Reference Chip as a Hardware Accelerator

Place an AKD1000 with its accompanying software development ecosystem next to an MCU or CPU where it can accelerate AI compute tasks.


EFFICIERA - Ultra low power AI inference accelerator
LeapMind is currently developing Efficiera , an AI inference accelerator IP with ultra low power consumption, optimized for CNN inference processing on FPGA or ASIC devices. Efficiera enables integra...

Low Power AI Micro Core
Low Power AI Micro-Core IP generated with a fully customizable and flexible core generator. Its highly-efficient architecture enables low power neural network processing on resource-limited IoT edge e...

Low-power, High Performance AI Accelerator
NovuTensor™ IP cores provide highly configurable AI acceleration capabilities with industry-leading performance efficiency. This patented, domain-specific architecture minimizes AI software work to gr...

NMP-350- Lowest Power and Cost End Point Accelerator
The NeuroMosaic Processor (NMP) family is shattering the barriers to deploying ML by delivering a general-purpose architecture and simple programmer’s model to enable virtually any class of neural net...

NMP-550 Performance Efficiency Leading AI Accelerator
The NeuroMosaic Processor (NMP) family is shattering the barriers to deploying ML by delivering a general-purpose architecture and simple programmer’s model to enable virtually any class of neural net...

NMP-750 Performance Accelerator for Edge Computing
The NeuroMosaic Processor (NMP) family is shattering the barriers to deploying ML by delivering a general-purpose architecture and simple programmer’s model to enable virtually any class of neural net...

Accelerator for Convolutional Neural Networks
Gyrfalcon Technologies(GTI) offers silicon proven, acceleration IP for Convolutional Neural Networks used in image classification, object detection, natural language processing and other artificial in...

AI Accelerator

The accelerator is designed for generic applications to compute 3D tensor convolved by 4D tensor to increase the efficiency by 10x.

Marquee created the microarchitecture from the specificatio...

AI Processor Accelerator
Introducing Gyrus's ground-breaking AI Processor Accelerator IP, coupled with a native graph processing software stack, is the ultimate solution for seamless Neural Network implementation. We have cra...

Deep Learning Recommendation Accelerator
RecAccelTM is the world's first recommendation engine for Deep Learning Recommendation Model (DLRM)

IMG Series4 Neural Network Accelerator (NNA)

IMG Series4 next-generation neural network accelerator (NNA) is ideal for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles such as robotaxis. The range of cores incorporates sophis...

Lightspeeur 2801S Neural accelerator
Lightspeeur® 2801S is the world's first commercially available deep learning CNN accelerator chip to run audio and video processing to power AI devices for edge, desktop, and data center deployment.

Lightspeeur 2803S Neural accelerator
Lightspeeur® 2803 is the latest generation AI CNN accelerator for applications requiring high performance audio and video processing for advanced edge, desktop and data center deployments.

Lightspeeur 5801S Neural accelerator
The Lightspeeur 5801 is Gyrfalcon's 4th generation best-of-breed AI solution.

Neural Network Accelerator

The new PowerVR Series2NX Neural Network Accelerator (NNA) delivers high performance computation of neural networks at very low power consumption in minimal silicon area. It is designed to power in...

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator

The Series3NX-F brings programmable extensibility to the Series3NX architecture. It combines a Series3NX core with a neural network programmable unit (NNPU); a highly neural network optimised GPGPU...

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator - cost-sensitive solution for low power and smallest area

PowerVR AX3125 is a cost-sensitive solution for low-power applications – i.e. where power draw is a key issue. It can run at up to 0.6 TOPS in IoT devices, entry-level smart cameras, embedded...

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator - The ideal choice for mid-range requirements

The PowerVR AX3365 delivers up to 2.0 TOPS performance in a small silicon area. With its low power consumption, it is ideal for mid-range smartphones, smart surveillance and DTV/set-top box video c...

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator - The perfect choice for cost-sensitive devices

With 4.0 TOPS in a smaller silicon area than its predecessor, the PowerVR AX3385 is suitable for high-end smartphones, smart cameras and DTV/set-top box. It can be used for video stream analysis, c...

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator - The ultimate solution for high-end neural networks acceleration

With more than double the performance of the previous generation, the PowerVR AX3595 is the flagship of our new range of single-core designs. More than this, it's the fundamental engine that de...

Ultra-Low AI/DL RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) Inference Accelerator
RNNAccel-200/100 is a Deep Learning Accelerator IP which empower neural network inference for SoC/MCU/DSP.

VectorPath Accelerator Card
Designed to reduce time to market when developing high-performance compute and acceleration functions for AI, ML, networking and data center applications, this card features Achronix® high-performance Speedster7t AC7t1500 FPGA fabricated on TSMC s 7nm FinFET technology.







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