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12 "ADAS" SoCs

24 Ghz / 77 Ghz Automotive Radar Transceivers IP
Driver assistance systems use radar sensors in various counts and configurations. The data provided by the radar sensors is used in applications such as blind-spot detection, autonomous emergency brak...

Driver Drowsiness Detector
The logiDROWSINE is a computer vision IP core that detects driver drowsiness and distraction based on facial movements monitored through a camera placed in a vehicle cabin. The IP core monitors moveme...

Lane Marking Detector
The logiLMD Lane Marking Detection IP core from Xylon s logicBRICKS IP core library is designed to detect the lane markings on the roadway video scenarios captured from a rear-view camera, and to raise an alert in case the host s vehicle departs from the lane. Its functions include image-processing filters, like Gaussian smoothing and Edge detection, and blocks specifically tailored for lane marking detections.

Multi-Channel Video Recording ADAS Kit
The logiRECORDER Multi-Channel Video Recording Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Kit builds on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC based Xylon logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance kit by includ...

Objects Detector
The logiHOG is an HOG/SVM-based object detection logicBRICKS IP core for detection of multiple objects in vision-based embedded applications. It is a direct successor of the logiPDET Pedestrian Detector IP core.

Stepper Motors Controller
The logiSTEP is a stepper motor controller IP from Xylon IP library logicBRICKS. It enables a simultaneous control of 1 to 16 two-phase stepper motors and supports different control methods: full-step, half-step and microstepping.

Vehicle Detector
The logiVDET is a learning-based vehicle detection IP core, developed for vision-based embedded applications. The algorithm follows a discriminative approach based on a cascaded classifier using Local...

Advanced Driver Assistance System Platform
SPHE6702 is an enhanced computing power platform of Sunplus ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) SOC family. Featuring four high performance Cortex-A55 processors. In conjunction with a powerful 3...

TES 3D Surround View - TSV
TES 3D Surround View (TSV) is the latest technology of driver assistance systems with vehicle cameras.

ADAS Signal Processing

VSORA s algorithm agnostic architecture makes it easy to implement the algorithms using high-level (Matlab-like) language.

PathPartner Driver Monitoring System on NXP IMX8x Processor
The main aim of PathPartner Driver Monitoring System is to provide a low cost ready to use solution for a range of in-cabin driver status monitoring application and help the driver remain alert and active.

Pathpartner Drowsiness Detection
The Drowsiness Detection algorithm employs vision based driver fatigue detection methods. It is a natural, non-intrusive and convenient technique to monitor driver’s vigilance.







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