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56 "Audio and Video" SoCs

4K multi-codec hardware IP dedicated for HEVC and AVC video formats
WAVE633 is a 4K multi-standard video codec HW IP that supports HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video codec standard. It provides 4K60fps@500MHz real-time encoding and decoding performance with a single-core ...

8K HDR display processor Vivante DC9000
High-quality and powerful display processor

Always-on Voice Activity Detection interfacing with ditial microphones

WhisperTrigger allows your system to detect voice activity and increase its battery life. Our robust and silicon-proven, Voice Activity Detection solution, provides ultra-low-power Always-On Voice ...

Audio TDM I2S Interface
The ddAHB2TDM is an interface bridge between AHB and TDM or I2S, using parametrized RTL to set-up maximum number of TDM slots and operating mode. It provides up to 64 slots, 16 or 32-bits.

c.WAVE120 - Super Resolution HW IP
c.WAVE120 is a deep learning-based, super-resolution IP that upscales low-resolution data into high-resolution in real-time.

CARPO (2MP) - Camera ISP IP
CARPO is the Imaging Signal Processing (ISP) targeted to be used in low light environment for surveillance camera, automotive such as Car DVR and Infotainment with maximum processing resolution of 2 Mega Pixels (MP) at 30 frames per second (FPS).

IP Suite for Premium Mobile Experiences
Over the last five years, we’ve seen CPU performance on smartphones increase an average of 20+ percent every year without compromising battery life. However, the same cannot be said for laptops, ...

Mali C52 - Image Signal Processor Solution for Intelligent Devices
The Mali-C52 delivers class-leading high dynamic range (HDR) image quality and state-of-the-art image signal processing (ISP) in real-time, and can be optimized for performance or area.

Spatial Audio & Head Tracking Solution
Fully embedded spatial audio rendering engine with precise head tracking to bring total immersion to any audio content

MPEG-H Audio
Providing interactive, immersive sound for TV and VR applications

AVP-27 Frequency Domain Image Scaler
The AVP-27 Image Scaler is a real time video and image resizing engine that offers high quality results for demanding video applications. Using a multiple tap Finite Impulse Response (FIR) algorithm, the AVP-27 balances complexity and resource usage for an optimal solution capable of generating images suitable for display in large screen applications.

AVP-35 Content Adaptive Deinterlacer
The AVP-35 Content Adaptive Deinterlacer core provides advanced algorithms and high quality results for demanding video applications. The use of temporal processing combined with spatial processing allows for multiple level motion detection and the ability to analyze image details in order to enhance both large and small details.

AVP-47 Anisotropic Image Scal
The AVP-47 Anisotropic Image Scaler is a real time video and image resizing engine that offers an unprecedented level of image quality. Using a proprietary frequency-domain scaling algorithm, the AVP-47 dramatically sharpens image edges while minimizing artifacts at resolutions ranging from QCIF through FullHD.

Camera Front-End Processor Core
The CAMFE Core implements a flexible, resource-efficient camera front-end processor that receives raw pixel data from a CMOS or CCD sensor and outputs a video stream ready for display, further processing, or compression.

Discrete Cosine Transform OL_DCT
This core can perform the two dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and its inverse (IDCT) on an 8x8 block of samples. The simple, fully synchronous design allows for fast operation while mainta...

DisplayPort 1.4 Transmitter Link Controller
The Trilinear VF-111T DisplayPort Transmitter core has been updated to include full support for the Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) DisplayPort 1.4 standard.

DisplayPort 1.4a IP Core
DisplayPort heralds a new alternative in video connectivity. Designed to enable low cost direct drive monitors and backed by industry leaders (Intel, DELL, Apple etc) DisplayPort is not hindered by li...

HDMI Ver.2.1 Transmitter IP for TSMC 28nm HPC+
The SLIFHDMIT21TM28 provides a complete single-link HDMI transmitter function complies with HDMI specification version 2.1.

HDMI(Ver2.1) Receiver IP for TSMC 28nm Process
The SLIFHDMIR21TM28 provides a complete single-link HDMI receiver function complies with HDMI specification version 2.1.

I2S/TDM Multichannel Audio Transceiver

The I2S-TDM IP core is a highly configurable, full-duplex, multichannel serial audio transceiver. The transceiver can act as a controller (master) or a target (slave) for Inter-IC Sound (I2S) and T...

Multi Ethernet Camera
A full embedded camera-system is provided with the Bit-Multi-Ethernet-Camera, consisting of an integrated chain of IP blocks.

SLI PSDUHS2A_PHY is PHY IP solution for UHS-II interface that SD Association is working on the standardization as the new ultra high speed interface for both SDHC and SDXC.

SLIPSDUHS3A_PHY is PHY IP solution for UHS-II interface that SD Association is working on the standardization as the new ultra high speed interface for both full size SDHC and SDXC.

TICO compression
The new lightweight and disruptive video compression technology, Extremely tiny in ASIC & FPGA , Fast & Powerful in CPU

VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) IP Core
Display Stream Compression offers inter-operable, visually lossless real-time, video compression to satisfy the emerging high bandwidth and high resolution video technologies. Bitec offer a highly opt...

2D Graphics Overlay Module
2D Graphics Overlay Module with modified functionality suited to more graphics intensive work. Supports fully alpha-blended bitmaps with 3-bits/pixel and a programmable palette of 8 colours.

2D Graphics Rendering Engine
The DB9200 2D Graphics Hardware Engine provides options for higher graphics performance as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Bilinear Video Scaler
Bilinear video scaler with the bilinear interpolation in the x and y dimensions in order to save area and reduce the number of multipliers and block RAMs.

BitBLT Graphics Hardware Accelerator Engine
The DB9100 BitBLT can perform graphics operations as simple as fill all screen memory with a solid color to drawing a solid-fill rectangle with horizontal and vertical boundary lines.

Camera capture unit for multi-camera systems

The SEERIS Graphics Engine is a building block concept combining a collection of 2D graphics processing units with focus on blit operations, display control and video capture.

CDC Customizable Display Controllers
CDC is a fully Customizable Display Controller IP supporting the OpenWF display API specification.

Color Filter Software Core
Color Filter software for improving video quality on potable devices.

Color Space Converter & Chroma Resampler
Digital Blocks Video Signal & Image Processing IP Cores perform a wide range of functions, including NTSC / PAL / SECAM Video Sync Seperator, Color Space Converter, Chroma Resampler, and BT.656 Encoder & Decoder.

Digital Cinema LCD Controller
The DB9000AXI-DCI LCD Controller IP Core interfaces a video image in frame buffer memory via the AMBA 3.0 / 4.0 AXI Protocol Interconnect to a 4K and 2K Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) High Definition TFT LCD panel.

Digital Video Overlay Module
Video overlay module permits multiple video streams to be multiplexed together to give a single video output. Supports any number of input video sources at any input resolution or aspect ratio.

Digital Video Scaler
Digital video up/down scaler accepts 24-bit RGB or YCbCr video and permits independent horizontal and vertical scaling to generate any desired resolution or aspect ratio.

Display controller for dual-display

The SEERIS Graphics Engine is a building block concept combining a collection of 2D graphics processing units with focus on blit operations, display control and video capture.

Fibre Channel AV (Audio Video) Core

The New Wave DV Fibre Channel Audio Video (FC-AV) core provides a complete hardware IP solution for the FC-AV protocol.

The core provides full FC compliance, hardware-based FC-AV container pr...

Frame Rate Converter
TMC developed FRC ( Frame Rate Converter) software interfacing with YUV video format.

Graphics double data rate(GDDR) g-series memory solution
High Memory Bandwidth for graphics, advanced driving assistance(ADAs) & AI

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