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76 "Video Codec" SoCs

ARC AS200 Audio Family - Efficient Single/Dual Core Audio Processors, Optimized Codecs

Synopsys offers an extensive portfolio of audio codecs that are available for use with the DesignWare® ARC® EMxD and the ARC HS4x families of processors. The ARC audio codecs facilitate a range of...

Colibri Video Codec - The future of AV over IP distribution


The Professional Audio/Video market moves rapidly to IP. The majority of the codecs developed for the ProAV i...

Hantro G1 Multi-format Video Decoder IP
Hantro G1 multi-format hardware decoder brings an unprecedented level of format and resolution support to enable all kinds of video applications. It is also the first hardware decoder in the market to...

Hantro G2 Multi-format Decoder
Hantro G2 is a scalable IP solution providing an optimized silicon area depending on target market and performance requirements varying from leading edge 4K@60 fps for e.g. Ultra-HD TV, to industry st...

Hantro H1 Multi-format Video Encoder
Hantro H1 multi-format hardware encoder brings an unbeatable performance for any video encoding application. It is also the first hardware encoder in the market to support Google s VP8 video format fo...

Hantro H2 HEVC Encoder
Hantro H2 s modern architecture enables 4K resolution encoding at 30 frames per second on a single core running below 300MHz.

HEVC and AVC Multi-standards Encoder Video IP for 4K/8K Encoding
WAVE663 is a 4K/8K multi-standard encoder video IP that supports HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video codec standard. It provides 4K120fps@500MHz or 8K60fps@1GHz real-time encoding performance with a dual-c...

HEVC, VP9 and AVS2 Multi format Decoder for UHD(up to 8K) 4:2:0 10bit
WAVE515 is one of the most advanced hardware video decoder IP core which supports the next generation HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding) standard known as H.265, Google's VP9, and Chinese AVS2 with optimized size.

HEVC/H.265 Main10 Profile Codec IP for UHD(4K 60fps)
WAVE520 is one of the most advanced hardware video codec IP core supporting next generation High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC) standard, also known as H.265.

lightweight video compression codec
The VC-2 LD (Low Delay) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency,for ASIC/FPGA ready for UHD and 4K transport

Ultra Small HEVC/H.265 Codec IP
The WAVE420L is one of the most advanced hardware video codec IP core which supports the next generation HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding) standard, also known as H.265

VC-2 High Quality Codec
The VC-2 HQ (High Quality) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency.

Video Codec IP using RAW input (CFA)
The video IP cores using CFA (Bayer, Quad-Bayer) produces visually lossless video quality. The algorithm adds minimal latency to the system while it offers super-resolution.

Viper - OEM Board for 4K HDMI transport over IP
These boards are fully integrated boards that enable the development of ultra-low latency audio/video over IP products. The transmit and receive boards are productionready and reduce the cost of the system.

WAVE510A (AV1 Fixed function HW decoder IP for 4Kp60 4:2:0 10 bit)
Chips&Media's WAVE510A series is the world's first commercial AV1 HW decoder IP and is one of the most advanced cores which supports the next generation AV1 standard.

WAVE521C HEVC/H.264 combined Codec
UHD (4K, 60FPS) resolution targeting WAVE521C is optimally designed and architected to support real-time encoding and decoding of both HEVC and H.264 as a combined IP.

WAVE541C (Dual-CORE HEVC+H.264 Codec for 8K)
WAVE541C is a dual-CORE codec IP, optimally architected for real-time encoding or decoding video at 8Kp60 in either HEVC or H.264 standards.

WAVE627 is the first runner-up from the new next-generation video codec IP series, WAVE6.

24bit Audio ADC/24bit Video DAC GF 22 FDX

The Innosilicon Audio Codec is a 24-bit solution that supports both cap and capless outputs from mono up to 7.1 surround sound. Based on a Sigma-Delta noise-shaping technique with full path filters...

4K/8K Scalable Multi-Format Video Decoding IP Core

AL-D310 is the Allegro DVT's ultimate multi-format, multi-stream real-time hardware decoder IP core, for all semiconductor manufacturers looking to integrate a high-performance video decoding s...

4K/8K/16K Scalable Multi-Format Video Decoding IP Core supporting VVC

AL-D320 is Allegro DVT's decoder IP core which adds support for the VVC video format. It is a multi-format, multi-stream real-time hardware solution for all semiconductor manufacturers integrat...

AV1 Compliance Test Suite for Video Decoder Validation
Allegro DVT compliance bitstreams are designed for intensive testing of AV1 decoder implementations.

AV1 Encoder - 4K/30 scalable up to 8K
The AL-E215 is Allegro DVT’s second generation AV1 video encoder IP supporting real-time and file-based encoding. Built upon a true multi-format architecture, it provides support for AV1, VP9, H.265/H...

AVS3 Compliance Test Suite for Video Decoder Validation
Allegro DVT compliance bitstreams are designed for intensive testing of AVS3 decoder implementations.

Baseline Profile H.264 Encoder H264-BP-E
The H264-BP-E IP Core is an advanced H.264 hardware only encoder that conforms to the ITU-T H.264 Constrained Baseline Profile. The core is also available in ALL-Intra encoding configuration (H264-BPI-E) and supports the real time encoding of video streams up to Profile Level 5.2.

Enhanced Multi-Format Encoder Supporting AV1
Allegro DVT s AL-E210 is the first video encoder IP to implement real-time and file-based encoding in AV1 format.

H.266/VVC Elementary Streams
H.266/VVC Elementary Streams

High Profiles H.264 Encoder H264-HP-E
The H264-HP-E IP Core is an advanced ITU-T H.264 High profiles hardware only encoder. It supports real time encoding of 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 video streams, in 8-, 10- or 12-bit per component sample depths.

Legacy Formats Decoder IP
Allegro DVT s AL-D105 is a multi-format, multi-stream, video decoder IP core, capable of decoding 12 different video formats up to H.264/AVC 1920x1080i@60fps.

Scalable Ultra-High Throughput DSC 1.2b Encoder
The UHT-DSC-E core is a scalable, ultra-high throughput, advanced DSC 1.2b encoder, compliant to the VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) 1.2b standard. It supports encoding of 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0...

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Plug-in
The Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Plug-In is designed for the real-time auditioning, encoding and decoding of audio signals using Fraunhofer codecs. We spend our professional lives making mixes sound a...

Support real-time decoding in AV1 format
AL-D210 is the Allegro DVT s next generation multi-format, multi-stream real-time hardware decoder IP core, which adds support for the new AV1 video format developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia).

Up To 5 MPixel Multi-Format Encoder
Allegro DVT s AL-E150 is a silicon proven, real-time, true multi-format hardware encoder IP supporting H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9 video and JPEG still image formats.

Fast SDKs for x86-64 CPU & Nvidia GPU

H.264 Encoding Application Platform System
This H.264 Application Platform System integrates multiple IP cores with memory and software on a system prototyping board to enable off-the-shelf execution and evaluation of high-definition video compression.

H.264, High 10 Intra Profile Encoder Core
The H264-E-HIS IP core is a video encoder compliant to the High 10 Intra profile of the ISO/IEC 14496-10/ITU-T H.264 standard. The encoder core has a small silicon footprint-approximately 120K gates a...

HDTV H.264/AVC Video Encoder with Compressed Frame Store
The OL_H264E-CFS core is a hardware implementation of the H.264 video compression algorithm. The core accepts up to the highest resolution HDTV video stream as input and outputs the encoded bitstream....

HLVC - Mathematically Lossless Video Compression IP Cores
Hardent lossless video compression (HLVC) has been specifically designed to facilitate the challenges associated with capturing, processing, storing, and playing back large amounts of raw data captured by image sensors,

M107TSD-MPEG-2 Transport Stream Decoder
The M107 Transport Stream Decoder parses MPEG-2 Transport Streams according to the ISO 13818-1 standard for MPEG-2 systems. The core performs the demultiplexing of video streams, audio streams, and section data.

M11-DV Digital Video Decoder
The M11 digital video decoder core provides standards compliant DV decoding using a high-performance and low gate count implementation. The fully synchronous core decodes 25Mbps, 50Mbs, and 100Mps DV streams recorded at either 50Hz or 60Hz. Using a complete hardware implementation, the M11 core is capable of operating with low CPU overhead while providing the highest quality results.

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